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โพสต์โดย PDT-TOOLS เมื่อ

PDT TOOLS Thailand is a global leader in diamond tools design and manufacturing. The main products are laser welded diamond saw blades, hot-pressing sintered saw blades, ring saw, wire saw, diamond core bits, diamond grinding cup wheels, diamond grinding and polishing pads, diamond segments etc. The products main application are cutting and polishing for concrete, reinforced concrete, green concrete, asphalt, stone, hard brick etc.

Located in Thailand, it owns the source of world's best diamond metallurgical technology. 

At PDT Thailand, a highly qualified team constantly works at providing the suitable tools for each particular material.

PDT TOOLS offers you exciting experience in reliability consistency and quality with world-class diamond tools.

Our products have won the recognition from worldwide customers by its safety, quality stability and great value. Especially the hot-pressing sintered saw blades, laser design and extraordinary quality.

You will win a reliable tool and we can win a friend. Let's get win-win cooperation in PDT TOOLS.

PDT TOOLS Thailand makes cutting faster, easier and safer.


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