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   Diamond saw blade is very popular for those sawing difficulty is very large and the enterprise sawing effect requirements are very strict in material processing, the use of diamond saw blade is much valuable.  Among them, concrete, asphalt, steel, stone and other materials cutting processing is indispensable from the diamond saw blade support.  Especially for the processing of some brittle hard materials, because these materials are difficult to process, easy to wear saw blades, so that the diamond saw blade has become the preferred saw blade.

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 What makes a saw blade last longer?  The answer is depended on many sides. 

1.Operator with full experience

In fact, many problems involving diamond saw blades are not the quality of the diamond saw blade itself.  Instead, it was some improper operation that caused the blade problems. Experienced operators are often able to accurately deal with the relationship between linear speed and cutting depth of diamond saw blade, in order to avoid gratuitous damage of saw blade.  Among them, high speed, low depth, is the key to ensure the operation is foolproof.  And vice versa.  

2.Add water to cool the cutting

Because the cutting diameter is larger, the cutting piece will be increased by the resistance, the cutting surface temperature will be very high, so reducing the cutting temperature will be very important.  If possible, add water to cool the cutting.  

The experiment proves that the durability of cutting piece can be improved 1.5-2 times if water cooling is added during cutting. 

3.Add coolant powder into diamond segments

But some occasions do not have the condition to add water cooling, so when the manufacturer produces high-power cutting pieces, it will add powder coolant according to the formula to reduce the temperature generated when cutting, and improve the service life of cutting pieces. 

4.Choose thicker cutting disc

Another point is that the torque force is larger when cutting, and the damage to the cutting piece is relatively large, so the cutting piece will be required to have a certain rigidity. We usually choose the thickness of 3.8mm cutting disc.  

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  • It was useful information when you told us that water cooling helps improve the durability of cutting pieces by 1.5 to 2 times since the cutting surface temperature can end up getting very high during the process. Speaking of concrete cutting, I need to find a concrete cutting service to hire soon since I’m getting the detached house remodeled this summer. I’ll be sure to keep what you said in mind while I look for a contractor to hire for my concrete wire sawing needs soon. http://www.abconcretecoring.com/wire-sawing

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