Sintered Diamond Blade

Sintered Diamond Saw Blade Dry or Wet Tile Ceramic Disc Wheel Porcelain Cutting Discs for Marble Quartz Granite

  • 【Tile Blade Widely Use】: Ceramic tile blade cutting discs can cut porcelain, vitrified tiles, ceramic tiles and thinner granite, marble, etc. quickly and accurately.
  • 【Features】: Diamond tile blade fast cutting, small kerf, low power consumption, sharp and wear-resistant, using hot pressing sintering process, can be used for a long time
  • 【Applicable type】:Concrete cutting machine saw blade can be used for dry/wet cutting
  • 【Adapted machine】: Cutting marble granite porcelain tile can be used with marble machine, desktop cutting machine, angle grinder
  • 【Ceramic cutting disc wheel parameters】: size 105x20x10MM, outer diameter 105MM, inner diameter 20MM, with washer to change 16MM, thickness 1.2MM, RPM2000-8000